Schedule of Seminars

This is a list of scheduled seminars we currently offer.

5 Step Sales Process
& Negotiations
1 day Seminar
Social Media: How to effectively use 10 different social media sites for Business 3 Hour Seminar
Set Goals AND ACHIEVE Them 1 day Seminar
Present Amazingly 1 Day Workshop
Jumpstart Your Business 1 Day Seminar
NLP Practitioner Certification 7 Day - Saturday—Friday
Time Empowerment Certification 2 Day Seminar
Changing Values and Values Systems
Learn the core of how other people think and make decisions by understanding their values. .

  • Recognize a person’s values system.
  • Understand how to relate to people based on their values system.
  • Elicit a person’s values.
  • Change and modify a person’s values to match their goals.
  • And more…

Prerequisite: NLP Practitioner Certification
This seminar is one of the requirements for NLP Master Practitioner Certification

Weekend Seminar
Social Networking for Businesses 1/2 Day Computer Workshop

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